Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum age for children is 5 years old.

There is no age limit, however you must inform the center of any health issues or limits you have before you begin the training. 

We recommend a minimum of two classes per week for good progression.

Increased strength and stamina.

Improved muscle tone.

Improved flexibility.

Improved confidence and self- esteem.

Greater self- discipline.

Self Defense and awareness.

Teaches respect for others.

Goal setting.

Master Nixon shall evaluate your knowledge base so he can properly place you in the class that will benefit you most.

Taekwondo is a derivative of Japanese Shotokan Karate and is Korean based with an emphasis on dynamic, powerful kicks.

In 1994 RMAC was the first martial arts school established in the city of Rowlett. Rowlett at the time was still considered a rural farming community. Over the years we have established a long standing and trusted relationship with the community and now we are considered the premiere, go to center for martial arts training in our area.

Kids, Teens, Adults, and Families. It’s a perfect family sport. A Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together. 

We pick the child up after school in our clean, well maintained RMAC shuttle vans. Bring them to our Center where they have an opportunity to have a snack, then put on their uniform before their 5 day a week structured Taekwondo class begins. Each day they will work on earning belt rank with the ultimate goal of achieving their Black Belt. After class they will get back in their street clothes and hang out, do homework, watch age appropriate movies, play games and do arts and crafts.  The parents must pick their child up by no later than 6pm.

No contract and tuition is paid weekly.