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Rowlett Martial Arts Center

For more than 25 years Master Nixon and his team at Rowlett Martial Arts Center have made strengthening their students’ mind, bodie, and spirit their lifes’ work. Martial arts is much more than self-defense. Our student learn how to overcome challenges, build mental strength, perseverance, respect, discipline, fitness, and integrity. We treat our students like family, and we truly hold stock in your entire families well being. Come by and meet our staff, we would love to meet you. 

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Rowlett Martial Arts
Founder, Head Instructor
Howard Nixon

At Rowlett Martial Arts Center,  we introduce our students to a variety of styles of martial arts. Our core objective is to show students a way of life that will benefit them in every aspect of their life both on and off the mat. The forms of martial arts we teach are Korean Taekwondo, Philippine Arnis (which incorporates sticks, knives, and joint locks), and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

We love working with both kids and parents. We encourage parents to participate but for those who don’t, we still encourage your attendance to watch your child as they develop new skills. We also teach children about respect, honesty, integrity, discipline, courage, and confidence. Parents’ participation will help to reinforce the life lessons we are teaching. We are one big family at RMAC. 

We Are RowlettMAC

Our Vision

At Rowlett Martial Arts Center we strive to strengthen the lives of our students and their entire family. We hold true to our core values and lead by example. In a world that’s becoming disconnected, we are proud to say that our students are our extended family. Our students form lifelong friendships with one another. The support, love, and respect among our members is what truly makes RowlettMAC feel like home to all who join. 

Our Mission

Over the past 26 years, we have trained over 4,000 students and 500+Black Belts. We have trained hundreds of gold medalist competitors, police officers, teachers, full-time moms, and 5-year-old beginners. What makes us most proud is not our accolades or our Black Belt Alumni count. It’s watching the true transformation in our students’ lives, in their relationships, and in their children. 

A Family That Kicks Together. Sticks Together.


8701 liberty grove Rowlett, Tx 75089